About the Menu

Hot´s Kitchen features a diverse menu of delicious small plates, served family-style!


We run our kitchen based on the belief that fresh food just tastes better – therefore, we prepare many of our sauces, dips, marinades and other items in small batches to keep our food fresh and flavorful. Consequently, we are not able to guarantee that all items listed on our menu will be available at all times. As a general rule, menu items which do not display a price are not currently available.


At Hot´s Kitchen, we permit eating off other people´s plates (only plates at your table, please!!). We know that Emily Post would not agree or approve…but this food is just too good to keep to yourself!! So go ahead & snake a bite of your boyfriend´s burger while he´s watching the game – or if your food hasn´t arrived yet, and your daughter´s kiddie meal is staring you in the face – go ahead and sneak a few yummy skinny fries! She won´t cry for long if you promise her one of our amazing homemade, liquid nitrogen ice creams for dessert!!

When dining with a group, oftentimes your party’s food will come out at different times. Why, you ask? Well, again we go back to the whole “Fresh Food” concept…when your food is ready, it´s delivered to your table – no sitting around the kitchen getting old and stale. Our food waits for no one:) Items are prepared in different areas of the kitchen – so if lots of people are ordering salads – your salad may come out later than your burger. Just order another beer and quit your crying – your food will be there soon!