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Hot’s Kitchen Serves Over 50 Types of Tacos in Hermosa Beach

by Hadley Tomicki
Grub Street
March 18, 2011

Hot's KitchenEven if it’s not up to the same standards of the stuff you’d find in, say, Highland Park, there’s no denying that your typical South Bay beach bums have a passion for burritos and tacos. At recently opened Hot’s Kitchen, a new place from former Four Daughter’s consulting chef and Hot’s Cantina owner Sean Chaney with partner Michael Lindenlaub, you’ll find over 50 varieties of tacos, including some fun stuff that we haven’t even seen on the zillions of local food trucks twisting tacos. What’s on the menu here?

We’re talking alligator tacos, oxtail tacos, Philly tacos, fried fungus, and duck confit tacos, all made from natural meats and produce. In addition, the green business, which is also teaming up with local schools and non-profits, sells burgers (including one with mortadella), salads, and has 36 craft beers at the taps, which it calls its “dank drafts.” Sounds like we might have to hit the beach this weekend, come rain or shine!