Marine’s patrol Hermosa’s Hot’s for Tots

by Kevin Cody
EasyReader News
November 20, 2012

Marine Hats at Hots Kitchen in Hermosa Beach

Marines Major Andrew Kelemen brought his Third Naval Gunfire Liaison Company to Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach on Tuesday to pick up toys donated by the downtown Hermosa Beach restaurant’s patrons and staff. Owner-chef Sean Chaney treated the Marines to lunch in appreciation for their services.

Chef Sean Chaney played mess hall cook for Major Andrew Kelemen and his fellow Marines.

Marine Marcus Booth, of Palos Verdes said the Toys for Tots program began in 1947 when the wife of a Los Angeles Marine Major began making rag dolls. After she asked her husband for help finding needy kids to donate the dolls to, he enlisted his fellow Marines. The following year, Marine’s nationwide adopted the Toys for Tots program. Photos by Kevin Cody

U.S. Marines visit Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach to collect Toys for Tots

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