Cismontane Brewery Beer Dinner

Lobster Salad orange xinenez vinaigrette
Brut de Sauvin 10.5% fermented with champagne saison yeast, hopped with entirely nelson sauvin hops from new zealand. notes of sauvignon blanc, citrus, slightly spicy, with a tart finish

Chicken of the Woods slow roasted chicken thigh, chanterell mushrooms, crispy fingerling potatoes & creamy mojo sauce
Chardonnay Barrel Aged Cismon 7.4% hints of vanilla & butter on the nose with a smooth finish

BBQ Bacon Burger cheddar, bacon, baked beans, bbq sauce, fried onion rings
Smokin’ Santiago Scotch Ale 6.1% malty, smooth with a mellow smoke in the aroma & a nice sweet finish

Pot Roast Tacos crispy onions, bacon vinaigrette
Ellie’s Brown Ale 5.5% chocolate & brown sugar, hints of nuts & vanilla

Dirtybird – Chorizo – Spicy Tuna Taco
Coulter I.P.A. 7.2% earthy from a small amount of rye in the grist, resinous from an ample amount of hops & malt

Vanilla Bean Float
Black’s Dawn 8.5% coffee imperial stout balanced by sweet malts, hops & coffee