Press Clippings

Marine’s patrol Hermosa’s Hot’s for Tots

Marines Major Andrew Kelemen brought his Third Naval Gunfire Liaison Company to Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach on Tuesday to pick up toys donated by the downtown Hermosa Beach restaurant’s patrons and staff. Owner-chef Sean Chaney treated the Marines to lunch in appreciation for their services.

Eleven from ‘11

If flavors were sound, these would be shouting – Hot’s Kitchen is as bold and brassy as any restaurant that has ever existed in the SouthBay.

Sean Chaney, Chef/Co-Owner, Hot’s Kitchen

“We came to the South Bay for many of the reasons everyone is here today—a fantastic lifestyle that includes the beach, a strong sense of community, camaraderie and home,” says the chef. “And it was the perfect fit for our new restaurant. We’re very happy here!”