Our Team

Michael Lindenlaub – Principal

Principal / Co-Owner

Michael Lindenlaub is an industry leader in hospitality / real-estate related design and brand positioning concepts. Michael joined Hot´s Restaurant Group in 2004 as a partner, bringing his team´s expertise and capital to the Hot’s brand to further enhance the quality of our management team. Lindenlaub is also the Managing Director of the internationally acclaimed, award-winning Creative Resource Associates (CRA), where the firm has provided brand concept and design guidance for notable client´s such as, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott brands, Starwood brands, American Golf, GameWorks, Disney, Harrah´s Entertainment, Hard Rock Casinos, Goldman Sachs, the Saudi Royal Family and numerous other high-profile companies and high net-worth individuals globally. Michael oversees a team of innovators, designers, architects, project managers and procurement managers who collaborate to make the vision they have for each project, become a reality. With the CRA team at the helm of the concept elements, Hot´s Kitchen succeeds in providing our discerning diners with a well-rounded, kinetic, energetic, and fun upscale / causal dining experience.

Lindenlaub co-founded CRA in 1994 and has helped lead the company´s successful global expansion. A Southern California native, Lindenlaub graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Business. Prior to founding CRA, Mike was Director of Acquisitions and Development for a notable national developer where he was intimately involved in over $400 million in real estate transactions. He lives in Westlake Village with his wife Hydee and their 2 children. When he is not focused on work, Mike enjoys adventure travel, skiing, and cycling.

Sean Chaney

Executive Chef / Co-Owner

Sean Chaney´s entrepreneurial drive, innovation and passion for quality have laid the foundation for the success of Hot´s Restaurant Group. Sean has served in a variety of positions within the food industry – Private Chef, Caterer, Executive Chef, Restaurant Owner, Restaurant Consultant and Menu Designer, just to name a few. It was during his years as a Private Chef for a professional athlete that Sean honed his skills – this period was instrumental in the development of the creative, healthy cuisine he features in his menus.

Sean began his culinary career nearly two decades ago when the mouthwatering tacos he made for his close friends and family earned him the nickname “Hot Sauce.” The nickname was soon shortened to “Hot” and Chaney´s tasty treats became known as “Hot´s Tacos.” In 2003, with no formal culinary training, Sean decided pursue a career as an Executive Chef and Restaurant Owner at his own restaurant concept, Hot´s Cantina in Northridge, California where the menu featured the best burgers, sandwiches, and of course, tacos in town. His success and appeal continues to grow and his food is still receiving rave reviews.

Chaney´s traditional food with a twist caught the attention of a local Manhattan Beach restaurant where the operator begged him to create a fresh and unique menu for his then undeveloped restaurant concept. Sean agreed to serve short-term as the Executive Chef  and churned out menus full of fresh and mouth-watering seasonal ingredients, with twists on American and Mexican classics.

In addition to keeping his establishments´ menus fresh and current, Chaney creates custom menus for his loyal following of foodies who request his culinary expertise for private parties and corporate events. In addition, Sean participates in many charity events, preparing tastings for thousands of people – donating his time and food to charity. The corporate flight communities have also taken notice of Chaney´s culinary creations – multi-millionaires and celebrities are regularly requesting his catering when flying on their private jets.

Continuing to improve Hot´s Kitchen with his “Testing Menu” and expanding with new locations is what Sean is most excited about these days.